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"Inside Out" - The Art of Shea Phillips and Melanie Power

March 20 - May 10, 2014

Shea Phillips

Shea Phillips is an artist and teacher based in Texarkana, Texas. She graduated with honors from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Painting and Drawing and a BFA in Art Education as well as a BFA in Art Education with a minor in Women’s Studies in 2010. She currently teaches art full time to middle school students and also teaches painting to adults at a local studio.

Artist Statement
Too often crafts have been excluded from the realm of fine arts and have been dismissed as female art. In creating these works, I wanted to challenge this notion of segregated fine arts and incorporate crafts into my paintings. Many of my works are rendered in glitter glue to convey “cheap glamour”. While creating these works I thought about the relationship of how women are treated as consumables and often marketed as meat in popular culture. I highlight this relationship by rendering meats in feminized materials or constricting them to feminized environments.

Melanie Power

Texarkana Native Melanie Power is best known for her vibrant, expressive portraiture. Melanie graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Visual Art Studies. She is currently an Art Educator at Texas Middle School in Texarkana, Texas, and working part time at Painting with a Twist in Texarkana, Texas.

Artist Statement
Painting portraits gives me a unique opportunity to capture loved ones and acquaintances in a way cameras never could. Stylistically, my paintings appear loose and somewhat unclear, as if they were a memory. I am also very interested in the physical properties of the paint itself. I enjoy manipulating the paint, creating harsh textures that are contrasted by very smooth, tight areas. My portraits are a record of relationships I have built and the way they are seen and felt in my lasting memory.

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March 20, 2014 10:00 AM FREE

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