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Visual Duet - The Art of Anne and Dan Thornhill

March 30 through May 6, 2017

Anne Thornhill

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Anne Thornhill has been an artist all her life. Art was a tool for her to escape stress and anxiety. During her time as a stay-at-home mother to her three children, Thornhill worked in various art related jobs: window designer; vintage lace company (which she created); and director of the local chamber of commerce. After her children became self-sufficient, Thornhill went back to college and graduated in 1998 from Arkansas Tech University with a double major in psychology and art. Commuting from Russellville to Little Rock, Arkansas, she graduated with a Master of Social Work degree. In her private practice as a psychotherapist, Thornhill would incorporate art therapy into her work. She a friendly personality and it is obvious by meeting her - she enjoys life. Thornhill’s paintings are colorful and energetic. Her work is included in the permanent collection at the Grand Prairie Arts Center in Stuttgart, Arkansas, along with other public and private collections. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her artist husband, Dan.

Dan Thornhill

Born in Dallas, Texas, Dan Thornhill has been interested in art from an early age. In school, he would oftentimes spend his time doodling instead of listening to his teachers. Thornhill graduated from Dallas Baptist College (now Dallas Baptist University) with a degree in biology. After a hiatus of many years, he began to studying art seriously at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). Thornhill graduated with his Master of Arts degree in Art (with an emphasis in painting) in December 2013. Dan has a unique flair with colors and creative designs. He enjoys teaching art at the Arkansas Arts Center, Museum School.

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May 6, 2017 4:00 PM FREE

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