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TAAC's 14th Annual Regional Celebration of African American Artists Exhibit: Local Artists and Collectors

January 31 through March 4, 2017

The exhibit pays tribute to the variety of individual works of art. The collections show multiple shades and hues of the African American experiences. The exhibit invites citizens to think about the messages embedded in the artifact’s materials, subject matter and style.

This year, the exhibit’s guest artists are Treva West and Cedric Watson. For several years, West was TRAHC’s Community Arts Director and curated TRAHC’s African American Committee’s Hats African American Women Wear to Church exhibit. As an artist she works in acrylic, sculpture, and pottery in themes of still life, children and abstract art.

Cedric Watson, the exhibit’s other local guest artist, works in acrylic and often does custom work, creating portraits from personal photos. He has created two portraits specifically for this exhibit.

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February 27, 2017 10:00 AM FREE

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