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"Everything Returns to Nature" - The Art of Joel Wright

March 16 through May 6, 2017

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 25, 2017

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Regional Arts Center
321 4th Street, Texarkana, TX 75501


An uplifting light contrasted with a mysterious darkness, Joel Wright’s expressive dream-like paintings have been described as “celestial” and “ethereal.” His experimental approach and attention to painting in the moment is motivated by a creative enjoyment that gives a great array of diversity in mediums and subjects.

Wright paints oil paintings on linen, paper, canvas and wood substrates. Watercolor on paper and water media on canvas are mediums Wright also uses to express his artwork. Wright will on occasional present screen-printing, ceramic sculpture or mixed media sculptures in addition to his paintings. Wright doesn’t limit himself to any one medium but sees them as branches of the same tree.

Wright doesn’t find comfort or identity with a particular genre or style but embraces abstraction, non-subjective, expressionism, and surrealism. Wright’s Zen approach to painting is an attempt to become "completely accepting of what is" before painting from a deep but simple inward place from beyond the structural mind. "In other words, just having fun!" He says.

Wright loves to see the viewers’ emotionally charged experiences when they connect to a particular piece. It’s like to pieces pick the people it seams. Wright often receives requests for commissioned artwork and enjoys that interaction.

Joel Wright lives in Texarkana, Texas and is a self-taught artist.

Artist Statement

“The creative process is an expression of allowing things to happen as they will. There is freedom in painting without expectations of a particular outcome. I’ve discovered in my own experiences that minimal involvement or interference from excessive thinking is needed.

The inner critic is silent. That creates an endless space for enjoyment. Anything that I would want is not better than what will happen naturally. There still exists the duality between allowing and effort because the paintings don’t paint themselves. I do like to get as close to an organically evolving process as possible because that is where the magic is for me.

I’ve found watercolor or water media painting to be the most expressive of this “going with the flow” approach to painting and life. Watercolor is the most spontaneous and unpredictable with the techniques that I use. There will always be unexpected events that lend to unplanned occurrences that are sometimes more interesting to me than a rigid structure of over planning.

Oil painting for me is an opportunity to contrast flowing paint with knife painted texture and building up of layers. The depth of oil painting is best combined with surrealistic and metaphysical subjects and compositions. I like to experiment with various substrates other than canvas for oil painting at times.

I find influence and beauty in traditional compositions and subjects like animals, landscapes, still life and portraits but with a dreamlike filter of surrealism. There is a chance that this seemingly personal experience of reality is somewhat the collective dream of the many derived from one source consciousness. To overlook that is not possible once it becomes clear.”

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Date Time Location
May 6, 2017 4:00 PM FREE

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