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TRAHC Presents Mid-Southern Watercolorists at the Regional Arts Center

A world of watercolor
New RAC exhibit focuses on diversity in the medium
By: Aaron Brand - Texarkana Gazette

The diversity of watercolor as a painting medium is one of the most readily apparent themes of a new exhibition at the Regional Arts Center.

The Mid-Southern Watercolorists exhibition includes works by locals Jeannie Knod Edwards and Linda Larey. The organization has roughly 200 member artists from the mid-Southern region and, since 1970, has been associated with the Arkansas Arts Center.

This traveling exhibition at the RAC now includes works from the organization’s 44th annual exhibition displayed in Little Rock.

“It’s their goal to promote water medium, and basically promote it as a lasting media and high quality fine art, as well as promoting all the artists in the mid-South,” said Amy Donohoe, director of visual arts and community programs. “This year TRAHC is really thrilled to be hosting this exhibit again.”

Many local artists are members and have been included in the exhibit over the years, Donohoe said. It’s been several years since the Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council hosted the exhibit.

“You have a huge variety of subject matter, execution and technique, as well as color schemes and just presentation in general,” Donohoe said. Work ranges from abstract, such as Jeannie Fry’s colorful “Imagination,” to hyper-realistic works that depict either the natural world or objects.

One work named “Daffodilly” by Luanne Stone impresses Donohoe, who’s not normally fond of flower works. She’s impressed with the technique in this piece.

“You have the warm tones in this pinkish color but then that is a complementary of the blue in the background. So it really suits it, and they incorporate the blue in the shadows,” Donohoe said, noting the quality of the texture and how crisp the shadow is.

Mountains, rice fields and a valley in China are pictured in a landscape watercolor work. As the mountain ranges are farther away, they become lighter. That technique provides a sense of depth, Donohoe says. Trees in the foreground are more specific and individualized than those in the background.

“If you stand back, look how realistic that is,” Donohoe said, pointing out aspects that impress her about this landscape.
Another work wins kudos for its creative use of reflection. L.S. Eldridge’s “Cadillac Contemplation” depicts a reflection on the Caddy itself. “Just the fact that he got the perspective—you know, how it’s warping around—I was really impressed,” Donohoe said.

The Mid-Southern Watercolorists hold workshops throughout the year for members. Monthly member meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. Those member meetings include an educational component.

(Admission is free. The Regional Arts Center is located at 321 W. 4th St. More info: 903-792-8681 or or

Published: 11/14/2014

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