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TAAC's 5th Annual Special Saturday Afternoon A Success

TRAHC's African-American Committee’s 5th Annual Special Saturday Afternoon -
Exhibit Opening Reception and Children's Program, Saturday, February 20, was a great event. Visitors enjoyed various refreshments during an afternoon of art and learning.

Ms. Melverue Abraham, artist of "Rhythms of the Spirit from I and I,” visited from Little Rock, Arkansas. She gave an in-depth talk about her artwork while turning the secured galleries. Ms. Abraham exuded the attributes of great talent honed over the years, intelligence, grace and charm. Visitors enjoyed spending time with her.

During the art workshop, children painted birdhouses with solar roofs. Ms. Brooklyn Brewer, student at Arkansas High School, assisted for the participants.

Mrs. Thelma Forte, principal of Union Elementary, hosted an informative and fun workshop on building bridges. Mia, a Union Elementary student, assisted her. Participants recalled old information and learned something new. Free books were distributed after the event to encourage reading among the youth.

TAAC and TRAHC would like to thank visitors for their participation and support. TRAHC's African-American Committee continues to Educate, Entertain, and Empower.

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