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WHY does TRAHC matter to Texarkana - or to you?

As essential forms of human expression and communication, "the arts" (performing arts, visual arts, media arts, literary arts, design, etc) can educate, inspire, entertain, energize. The arts can connect people and foster understanding. The arts can be instrumental in building economies, especially now when creative capital parallels economic gain; they can produce educational excellence. The arts can attract people to places, and can make a community itself attractive. In short: the arts are all-around wise investments with potential big returns.

TRAHC matters because TRAHC works non-stop to tap the potential of the arts for Texarkana, and for everyone who live here. TRAHC is committed to growing people and community...through the arts.


TOP Four Reasons To Join TRAHC


Reason One


TRAHC presents world-class performing artists in the Perot Theatre and beyond...
DID YOU KNOW: TRAHC offers half-price student discounts, military discounts and more for all Perot Series Shows. TRAHC provides year-round, ever-changing Gallery Exhibits in the Regional Arts Center, featuring touring and regional visual artists, all FREE to the public.
DID YOU KNOW: TRAHC currently invests over $500,000 each year on behalf of the community for these programs? TRAHC serves over 70,000 annually through these programs, and has served over 1,300,000 in the Perot Theatre since 1981.


Reason Two


DID YOU KNOW: TRAHC's ArtsSmart program is a national model for LEARNING and TEACHING? It helps educators tap the potential of the arts to meet their educational goals. ArtsSmart is a year-long program of professional development led by TRAHC's outstanding professional staff, and includes Teacher Workshops, Artists-in-Residences. In many instances, TRAHC staff meets monthly with academic teams from campuses to facilitate rich cross-curricular plans. TRAHC has comprehensive partnerships with each Texarkana school district and many surrounding districts to produce outstanding results.

DID YOU KNOW: In 2014-15, TRAHC had over 36,000 student contacts and over 4,500 teacher contacts, with artists in the classroom, school performances, workshops and planning sessions? ArtsSmart attracted over 300 educators, to discuss Best Practices for Achieving Educational Excellence through the Arts.

Reason Three


TRAHC presents its programs in the two most exquisite historical facilities in the region: the Regional Arts Center and the Perot Theatre, both of which regularly attract local, regional and even national audiences and positive attention to Texarkana. DID YOU KNOW: In 2014-15, TRAHC served individuals from half the states in the US and countries throughout the world?

DID YOU KNOW: Thousands of individuals come from elsewhere and import cash to Texarkana because TRAHC annually spends over $100,000 to reach audiences beyond Texarkana. TRAHC gives Texarkana One-of-a-Kind, Second-to-None promo in hundreds of media outlets.


Reason Four


TRAHC is a leader in generating healthy and visionary community conversation on issues of relevance to businesses and citizens - from development of downtown assets, to contributing to a creative economy based on educational excellence, from attracting the best and the brightest, to economic development and aesthetics - TRAHC takes an active role in partnerships and conversations to help position our community to effectively move forward together.



If you are already a TRAHC member, thank you for your generous community spirit.  If you are not a member, please consider joining.



TRAHC's Artist Circle ................$2,500.00+    
TRAHC Enthusiast ....................$1,500.00+     
TRAHC Partner .........................$1,000.00+    
TRAHC Friend ...........................$500.00+    
Member Plus .............................$150.00+    
Member .....................................$50.00+   



With your membership, TRAHC can...

  • Expand arts-based classes and experiences for all ages at TRAHC's Arts on Main@ Stewart Title, and the Regional Arts Center
  • Extend the nationally-recognized ArtsSmart Institute for Learning
  • Increase informative seminars and workshops connected to RAC exhibits and the Perot Theatre Series
  • Explore additional activities with Women for the Arts, the African-American Advisory Committee, TRAHCies, and the Latino Outreach Committee
  • Continue to make possible the Perot Theatre Series, now celebrating its 35th anniversary, plus free-admission national touring exhibits at the Regional Arts Center.
All Levels:
  • Advanced seat selection and ticket purchasing for TRAHC events at the Perot Theatre
  • ​Early announcements and updates about TRAHC events
  • Tax deduction letter for membership
  • Quarterly 'Thank You' on social media
Member ● $50+
  • See above
Member Plus ● $150+
  • Above plus:
  • Two (2) Perot Theatre cups
  • Recognition in Perot Theatre Series program
TRAHC Friend ● $500+
  • Above plus:
  • Voucher for Signature Artist limited edition print
TRAHC Partner ● $1,000+
  • Above plus:
  • 25% discount on rental of Cabe Hall*
TRAHC Enthusiast ● $1,500+
  • Above plus (excluding Cabe Hall discount):
  • 50% discount on rental of Cabe Hall*
  • Name displayed at all TRAHC events
  • ​Two (2) tickets for one (1) event
  • Two (2) drink vouchers
TRAHC's Artist Circle ● $2,500+
  • Above plus (excluding Cabe Hall discount):
  • Free use of Cabe Hall*
  • Four (4) tickets for one (1) event
  • Two (2) drink vouchers

*Discount applies to room rental fee only.  Additional out-of-pocket expenses will be charged.


Other ways to support TRAHC:

  • PROGRAMS OR EXHIBITS SPONSORSHIP - Donation varies with the program. Can be Perot Theatre program, family show, visual arts exhibition, etc. Benefits include the satisfaction of providing an important community service, advertising dollars that reach a discriminating public who demand challenge and quality, your logo linked to the attraction over a four-state area and in season materials nationally, tickets to entertain clients or deserving employees and can host reception for important persons and clients and possibly meet the artists;
  • RENTAL OF CABE HALL - The beautifully restored Horace C. Cabe Hall is available for rental for business meetings, wedding receptions, luncheons, private parties, etc.;
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES - Purchase a gift certificate for Perot Theatre tickets - the perfect gift!;
  • FOR ARTS SAKE GIFT SHOP - a project of Women For The Arts - Find unique gifts for holidays and other gift-giving occasions; Gift Shop
  • MEMORIALS AND HONORARIUMS - All during the year donations are made to TRAHC to honor or memorialize those special people who support the arts in Texarkana, or those who consider TRAHC their favorite charity. these donations are acknowledged with a card to the honoree and a letter to the donor;
  • IN THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON - Special contributions made at the end of the year to honor or memorialize others. Names are placed on a permanent bronze plaque in the Regional Art Center. All gifts received are acknowledged during the holiday season with a seasonal card.
  • WOMEN FOR THE ARTS (WFA) - Open to all, this is a working volunteer support group for TRAHC programs and projects.


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